Sunday, January 22, 2012

Im a bad blogger, will do more soon (Law course)

I'll start posting more regularly once I get a break from my law courses.

In the mean time, check out this video, it's quite important that people be aware.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Stalker boots on

I put my stalker boots on tonight and I must say....

Your tweeter feed SUCKS! What a lame way to use it. You're either boring to death or quite unimaginative... I'm going to for BORING!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Alright, I’m getting my ass kicked!

Figuratively of course... I love playing video games, I could spend an entire week-end glued to my computer or on the Xbox or PS3...Sadly, I am also getting near the end of my MBA, meaning: I don’t have much time to goof around and I have been choosing video games too many time over training. D bought me a kinect. It’s a device that attaches to the Xbox and allow you to use your body as the remote. I have always thought that working out in front of the TV was kinda lame and that it wasn’t going to be much of a work out to begin with. Well, I must apologize... it can be hard! I got the game: Your Shape, Fitness Evolved and geeez, those lunges and squats that must be done in rhythm with weights in each hand are not easy! I mean, I can feel my tights and ass (my two biggest problem areas) sore for few days after.

Call me crazy or lame, I don’t care, that thing is getting me working out and doing lunges!

Speaking of the MBA, I just started the last core class for it. I will be done mid-December.. Yay!!! Unfortunately, it doesn’t mean I am done. Yours truly was dumb enough to decide to concentrate in law. As a result, I’ve got 3 more classes to go and then writing my project. All in all, by September next year, I should be done.

Lastly, I have been on the road again (hence the lack of posts). At least, I have been flying in style....Gotta love those first class flat beds!

Monday, September 05, 2011

Amazing week end.

D and I went to the Rockies with our friend B for some serious mountaineering... We were initially supposed to climb Assiniboine, but the temperature wasn’t great for that climb and we decided to head toward Lake Louise for some glacier traverse, ice climbing and two summits in one day.
I can only say one thing: this was EPIC. I’ll let the pictures talk for themselves but it was so fun. There were scary parts (ex: traversing a huge crevasse and coming down a steep, sticky snow face), but overall, the experience was incredible.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Well look at that!

A friend of mine always tease me about how many pairs of shoes I must have since he believe that I am wearing something different every time he sees me. Well, he could be right, but he’s also a man, and when it comes to fashion, I have been less than impressed by their uncanny ability to not even notice the biggest changes in someone’s appearance. (Best example would be me coming home one night with a platinum blond do when I had bright red hair the very same morning. Either D is color blind (I refuse to believe this), D is a moron (some days I would say idiot, but moron would be farfetched) or just being a man (this is where I think he is).

Wow, that was a digression here; I meant to write about shoes... I caved in yesterday and took a picture of my “collection”. I must note that there are about a dozen pairs missing as I haven’t included whatever is in Canmore, the 4 spare pairs in my office, and all my hiking, climbing, cycling, skiing and whatever sport shoes.

So.. Judging by it..I think it makes me at about 100 pairs... Some would think it is crazy but all I can think of is that I don’t have brown riding’s boots yet, that I need a pair of nude open toes, would love some blue pumps and that I have never owned a pair of UGGs yet. Collection is incomplete...

Am I excessive?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I had to re-post this!

I came across this and I had to post it here. I don't know that dude @urielabbadon, but you're hilarious!

So, God controls the entire universe except for this one place: hell. Now, hell is run by the Devil, and the Devil hates God. Alright, so you've lied, cheated, stolen, and been a dick your entire life. Why's the Devil going to punish you? He's going to really dig you. You're one of his boys.

It's not like if your good all your life that when you finally get into heaven that God is going to say, thanks for all your good work see that big titted whore with the line of blow running down her she's yours. Welcome to salvation. No, that's not going to happen.

All the good drugs and whores are going to be in hell. a.k.a The fun place.

What's hell got? Sex, drugs, and rock n' roll.

What's heaven got? Eternal bliss. That's going to suck. Anything that's eternal means you will get used to it and then you'll be fucking board.

Be good and go to heaven and be bored for eternity. Be bad go to hell hang out with all your friends and party every night.

Suddenly the Devil's starting to look like an alright guy. Everything that we know about the Devil is from the bible, now that's God's book. The Devil's never put out a book. If you ask me, I think the Devil's being the bigger man because God's just writing all this shit about him, and the Devil is taking the high road and not even bothering to respond.

Have you ever noticed that the kind of people who turn to Jesus tend to be the sort of people who haven't done that well with everybody else?

Monday, August 15, 2011


At the office...

1st person: " I slept with crazy ABC this week end.... Why do I keep going back?"

2nd person: " Listen, sleeping with an ex is like masturbation. You know you're fucking yourself but you do it anyway."